Welcome to the place where you can find the best from both worlds!


Who are we?

We design and develop experiences that make people’s lives easier.

We are a digital transformation consultancy, software development and marketing company.

What differs us from others?

The ability to listen and to adapt to clients needs, conduct research and develop products and strategies that really work.

Our wide network of partners and experts from IT, software development and marketing work together on your success.

What we do?


We apply our digital expertise to bring IT ideas to life, create complex software and ensure reliable integration.

Fintech and financial services consulting

We will answer all your questions about technology and markets with a deep understanding of banking and fintech regulations.

Public relations

We create complete PR strategies, write press releases, communicate with relevant media.

Digital marketing

We provide businesses digital media planning and buying, pay-per click advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing, paid guest blogs and influencer marketing.

Content marketing

We create compelling and valuable content for online and offline channels, connect the content with key influencers to get people talk about your business.

Contact us

Andrijana Kos Kavran, CEO and owner


+385 91 883 4956